Marketing Research services from Jersey

Utilising a broad range of sophisticated online and traditional qualitative and quantitative techniques, 4insight have the expertise, resources and facilities required to generate actionable business insights, be them either inward (i.e. employees) or outward looking (i.e. customers). Providing insight with well-grounded global marketing experience, companies wishing to maximise their spend can now source relevant, contextual research with local and/or international scope.

Qualitative Marketing

4insight's qualitative marketing research delves into key motivators, drivers and true reasoning. The Company utilises focus groups, in-depth interviews and walled online communities, using specialist techniques to enable thorough rational probing, as well as projective enabling techniques & NLP to explore emotional reasons for consumer behaviour, and to identify motivating language and/or insights.

Other approaches utilized include semiotics, Eye-tracking, listening labs, neuroscience, netnography, and co-creation, and all projects are carried out with an underlying appreciation of Behavioural Economics.

We can help you optimise your brand's image, positioning, customer journeys, segmentation and communications, as well as help with new product/service development.

Sector expertise

4insight has qualitative expertise in the following sectors:

Quantitative Marketing

4insight's quantitative marketing research provides information for your strategic marketing planning and tactics for traditional and digital media through on-line surveys, forums, walled on-line communities, netnography, teleweb interviews and buzz tracking.

Our approaches include segmentation studies, conjoint analyses and customer satisfaction assessments.