4insight is a specialist Marketing Research company based in Jersey.

We major on Marketing Research and Competitive Intelligence.

4insight is a Marketing Research company based in Jersey that provides our clients with actionable strategic recommendations built upon customer/employee/business insights gained through Qualitative Marketing Research and Competitor Intelligence, exploring the emotional, in addition to rational
We operate professional viewing studios in Jersey, Channel Islands, for qualitative marketing research. With one-way mirrors and video-streaming, our clients can view research live or via their laptops or smart phones, from wherever they are located.

We can help any organization to research and assess its’ offering and prospects of success, both from the standpoint of what its’ customers may think, how they are segmented and also how competition is likely to react to any initiative.
Our strengths are, primarily, in international business, with extensive experience in Europe, North America and Asia. We have in-depth product sector experience in high/medium tech areas, such as healthcare, energy/eco-engineering, coatings and advanced materials, together with service sector expertise in financial services, human resources and IT/telecoms



Dorothy Parker


A leading world authority on qualitative marketing research, with major skills in delving deep into perceptions and drivers, to allow quality brand building, communications, positioning and customer segmentation.

Contact Dorothy on 01534 850490

Email at dorothy.parker@4insight.info

Ray Parker


Expert in competitive intelligence and business, brand & risk valuation. Ray has been active in business start-up and competitive research since 1995, and has also conducted more than fifteen company/brand acquisitions.

Contact Ray on 01534 850491

Email at ray.parker@4insight.info